Monday, August 6, 2012

Ashley's Shower

Side note-a little (or a lot) behind on postings.  We had some computer difficulty, travelling, a wedding, potty training and a bunch of other things going on...  Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get you caught up...

Ashley's shower.  June 10.  We went with a butterfly theme.  This was a shower for family-so we had ages ranging from 10 months to late 80s.  Pretty simple spread-fruit, cheese, veggies, punch, cupcakes (but not just any cupcakes-Janet's Cake's-the greatest cakes-period).

Cupcakes in Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Vanilla

The spread

The bride & matron of honor/sister

A "gift" of advice.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Perpetual Calendar

Found this craft on Pinterest (of course)-a perpetual calendar for birthdays. I thought it would make a nice gift for my parents' and in-laws' anniversaries.  I had been wanting to get them a perpetual calendar for a while, but with siblings and siblings-in law that keep having babies I didn't want to shell out $$ to get one printed only to have it need replacing in a year or so.  This calendar can be added to without much effort, just a quick paint job and some writing and it can be modified!

Here's what I used:
  • Wooden Nickels (Hobby Lobby-$2.99 for 22).  I drilled two holes in each coin about 3/16" from the edge.  I used a tiny drill bit-I think it was 5/32".  These are birthday records.
  • I found some oval shapped pieces.  I used those for anniversaries in the family.
  • Craft Paint.  I used what I had.  I decided to go with one color per family. Plus paint for wood, and letters.
  • Paint pen.  I used gold because I had gold jump rings and gold eyelets.
  • 1" wooden letters. First letter of each month of the year (jfmamjjasond).  Painted them gold.
  • 2 1/2" inch curly letters (Hobby Lobby-$0.99/each). Again painted them gold.  I used "celebrate", but am thinking of doing a "family" one for my grandparents 65th anniversary present. (They don't read blogs, so my plan is safe!)
  • 26" piece of wood (I used pine).  It was a 1"X6" with the top side routed.  My husband found some scrap pieces for me.  I painted, weathered, and top coat painted.
  • 3/4" eyelets.  They are two inches apart along the bottom.
  • 9mm jump rings.  Two for each coin and one in between.
  • Brad nails (because my hot glue just wasn't holding the letters onto the wood)
  • Glue gun
  • Drill & 5/32" drill bit.
  • Sawtooth hanger on back.

Wooden nickels painted by family.  Names and birthdates.

Add jump rings to top and bottom of coins.  Also add one ring in between-so the coins will stay face out.
Undercoat is a dark brown.  Added crackle compound.  Topcoat is a cream color.

Screwed in the eyelets (I pre-drilled holes).  Hot glued the letters.  Then came back with small tacks on the letters because the glue wasn't holding.

Finished product!
Coins are hung on the board in numerical order.  So, for example in March in the picture-there is a birthday on the 3rd (first coin) and the 19th (second coin). When someone in either family has a baby all I have to do is paint a coin, add some rings and write the name & date.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bedroom art & decor

We finished painting A's room in August-before the baby was due to come. I found super cute valances from Kohl's and that's what we modeled the room around. We painted the walls a pale yellow and have red and turquoise decor. It took me until Christmas to actually finish all of the hangings and decoration for her room (I'm still working on getting the majority of her toys up there...).  I found the picture frames at Target (turquoise) and Dollar General (red).

W's room stayed the same as it was when A was in there.  Green with white trim and stick-on polka dots of various colors.  I did add some new artwork to his walls-in a farm theme of course.  And he got his own farm cross stitch birth record. The wall art is framed diecut images.  I found someone on ebay who would cut them to the size I wanted (5-7") and in the colors I wanted.  I bought some 8X8 frames, cut some scrapbook paper for the backing and stuck the pictures on.  Pretty simple.

A's wall art (thanks to my BIL)

Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, parents, & dogs

Hair clip holder

A's toy chest

"Hippy" window valance

W's West wall

W's farm art

W's cross stitch

East wall-W's room

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Craft-Emily's Gift

Christmas Craft #2...for my sister-in-law, Emily.  We had a name draw for Christmas this year.  I got my sister-in-law Emily.  I had no idea what to do.  Found a cute idea on Pinterest, modified it a little and had my $15-20 gift ready to go.  Items were purchased at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot.

Start with a frame.  I used a 12"x12" frame so I wouldn't have to cut the tile... I also used the backing in this frame to glue the tile to.  Make sure the backing will fit in the frame with the tile on top.
12 X 12 Wood frame from Hobby Lobby (in the wood craft aisle).  $9.99, I had a 40% coupon, so $6.
I didn't like the plain wood frame so, I bought some spray paint that coordinated with the tile.
Black webbing spray paint-Hobby Lobby.  I didn't want a glossy paint and the web paint added a texture to the frame.  I think it was $4 for the can.  A little pricey, but turned out okay.  If I had planned better, I could have come back a different day with a 40% coupon, but I had two kids with me and wanted to get in and out and home before meltdown city.
I bought a sheet of tile at Home Depot.  I tried to keep things neutral as I wasn't sure where Emily would put this in their house.
Bought the tile at Home Depot.  It's a 1'X1' sheet.  It was $5.
I Gorilla glued the tile to the backing of the frame.  Once it dried I slapped on the grout.  It was my first time grouting something.  Pretty easy.
I found the tile grout stuff at Michael's.  I'm sure they had it at both Home Depot and Hobby Lobby.  I think this jar was $6.  I realized I needed it after I had left HD & HL...
Once the grout had set, I put the tile into the frame and centered the "R" in the frame/tile.  I Gorilla glued it down and then put some heavy books on top as my weight.  I used some nail polish remover to get rid of any overflowing glue.

The "R" is from Hobby Lobby (also in the wood craft aisle). I spray painted it a khaki color. It was $3. Again, I could have come back a different day with the 40% coupon.  But that would have made 3 trips across the river all to save $2.80.  The gas alone was more than that....

That's it.  $24 and a super cute wall hanging for my semi-still newlywed brother and sister-in-law.  Once I go to their house, I'll take a picture up of it hanging on the wall-assuming they hang it on the wall and not shove it in the garage or basement (which is a crawl space).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Craft--Ornaments

Christmas craft project #1: Homemade ornaments.
Growing up, my family made ornaments every year.  When my aunt died we stopped the tradition.  She was in charge of ornaments (she was super crafty & creative).  Cut to three Christmases later and I decided I wanted to continue this tradition for A & W.  So, here are my homemade ornaments I made for family members this year.

Start with clear glass ornaments (I used plastic ornaments for the kids').  I bought mine from Oriental trading $10.00 for a dozen.  The plastic ones I bought at Ben Franklin.  They were $1.00 each.  The jingle bell ornaments used Jingle Bell Charms (OTC, $5.00/150 pieces).  The package of charms filled three ornaments.

The red, green, and white, and the blue, purple, and green ornaments were also filled with OTC crystal beads ($10.00/200 pieces).  I filled two ornaments with each package of beads.

The kids' ornaments were filled with plastic beads from Ben Franklin in red, green and white.

Once the balls were filled, I glued the toppers on.  One to keep kids from ripping the top off and eating the beads/bells inside.  Two, the beads made the ornaments heavy and the toppers had a tendency to want to pop off.  Then I cut some sheer ribbon and tied it on top to finish them off.  Finally, I found cute little date charms with 2011 on them for $0.20 each. I attached those to the top of the ornament.  Once I had all the supplies, super easy and quick to finish.  And I think they turned out cute too!

Total cost per ornament:  $3.00 for jingle bell ornaments. $6.00 for the glass bead ornaments.

Jingle Bell Ornament

Christmas Color Beads
Winter Color Beads
Kids' Ornament

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Craft--Christmas Card Holder newest time waster.  Found a super cute idea for holding pictures.  I needed a Christmas Card holder.  It works for that too...

Start with a huge frame.  I had this one lying around in my storage room.  It was in the "As-is" pile at IKEA about five years ago for $5.  I took out the glass and matting (which are perfectly fine-a future craft project possibly).
I then cut some chicken wire to fit the back of the frame.
And spray painted the chicken wire.  It's not the greatest picture.  I used antique white.
I then stapled the chicken wire to the back/inside of the frame.
Added a bow to the top.  Bought some mini clothes pins to hang cards.
I have more room for cards-hint, hint people!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Visiting Santa

Weston got to visit with Santa this year.  A took one look at him and ran off screaming.  So this is what we've got for Santa pictures...
Is this beard real?